Collection: Baby Layette

Let them grow in soft!


Comfort is an essential factor to consider when selecting baby gear. Babies have delicate skin and require soft, gentle materials that won't irritate or scratch them.

Moi Mili's baby layette collection is a great choice for parents who want to provide their little ones with a comfortable and stylish environment to grow and develop in. This collection includes a range of products that are made of soft and gentle materials that will feel comfortable against your baby's skin.

One standout item in this collection is the quilted baby horns. These products not only keep your baby warm, but they can also be used as play mats thanks to their fun and colorful designs. Choose from flower or shell designs that match Moi Mili's shell and bloom collections.

Swaddle blankets are another essential item in this collection. These blankets are made of soft cotton muslin or linen and are perfect for wrapping and covering your baby. They can also be used as a sheet or towel during the summer months, making them a versatile choice for parents.

The cover sets in this collection come in two sizes and are made of muslin or linen. They're great for creating a cozy and safe sleeping environment for your little one, whether you're at home or on the go.

And finally, there are the canopies. Canopies are a popular accessory for baby cribs and cots. They are typically made of fabric and can be hung over the top of the crib or cot to create a cozy, enclosed space for the baby to sleep or rest. Some canopies are made with a lightweight, airy fabric, while others are made with a thicker, more opaque fabric to block out light and noise. Canopies can be a useful addition to a nursery as they can provide a sense of security and privacy for the baby, as well as helping to create a calming atmosphere for sleep.

Cotton and linen are both natural materials that are generally considered to be safe and comfortable for babies. Cotton is a soft, breathable fabric that is hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin. It is also absorbent and can help to keep the baby cool and dry.

Linen is a strong, durable fabric that is also breathable and absorbent. It is known for its natural resistance to bacteria and insects, making it a hygienic choice for baby bedding.

Both cotton and linen are also environmentally friendly materials as they are biodegradable and require less energy and water to produce compared to synthetic fabrics. This makes them a sustainable choice for baby bedding.

Using cotton and linen for your baby's canopy can provide several benefits. The natural materials can help to create a comfortable and safe sleeping environment for your baby, while also being environmentally friendly. The breathable nature of the fabrics can help to regulate the baby's temperature and keep them comfortable, while the absorbent properties can help to keep the baby dry. Cotton and linen canopies can be a great choice for babies and can contribute to a healthy and restful sleep.

Moi Mili's baby layette collection has everything you need to keep your baby warm, comfortable, and stylish. From quilted baby horns and swaddle blankets to cover sets and canopies, this collection has it all. So why not take a look and see what catches your eye? Your little one will thank you for it!